Two Great Fundraiser Ideas in San Jose

For many organizations, fundraisers are essential in order to ensure that the organization can stay afloat. With the thousands of fundraisers that are likely going on in your area already, however, it can be a challenge to come up with ideas that can be successful. To help you with this, here is a look at three great fundraiser ideas in San Jose.

Candy Apple Fundraising

One of the fundraiser ideas that has been gaining popularity over the last few years is candy apple fundraising. As has been mentioned, one of the most difficult parts of running a successful fundraiser is offering a unique option that has the best opportunity to sell. That is exactly what you get when selling candy apples.

Another major perk of choosing fundraiser ideas like candy apple fundraising is because of just how easy they are to do. The process is as simple as giving the members of your organization some papers and having them go out and sell as much as possible. From there, the company that makes the candy apples handles the rest.


Raffles have been used by organizations as a top fundraising choice for several years. The reason for this is simple: they work. When organizations can go out and get various items donated for the raffle, the ROI that this fundraising option provides is astronomical. In some cases, it can even reach the point of being all profit.

Another great benefit of raffles is that they are enticing to potential buyers. Most require only a few dollars to enter and provide you with the opportunity to win some fairly sizeable prizes. This will likely continue to be one of the favorite fundraising ideas of organizations throughout San Jose for many years to come.

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