Mistakes To Avoid When Applying Fantasy Makeup

For special occasions such as Halloween, Mardi Gras, Carnival or for theater productions or other types of events, the use of makeup to create a look, a character, or a style is very common. Finding the right type of makeup for these special requirements is the first step, but then avoiding common mistakes when applying the makeup is the second.

Most types of fantasy makeup are going to be professional quality products. There are low cost, cheap products on the market that will produce results, but this makeup will not stand up and is very likely to cause skin irritations and rashes, particularly when worn for more than a few hours at any one time.

By carefully choosing your product through selecting a quality manufacturer you can eliminate a lot of the most common issues and problems. Always review the product before using, and pay careful attention to how the makeup can be removed. The best quality makeup will be easily removed with just soap and water, while the lower quality makeup will require special removers that can actually dry and damage the skin or the hair.

Check for Toxicity

While this may seem obvious, not all face and body paints and fantasy makeup products are non-toxic. This is particularly true for imported products that are manufactured outside of the United States.

There are some very high quality, non-toxic and very safe face and body paints available online and through retailers. For kids or adults for Halloween, or even for actors and actresses on the stage, this is a very important consideration. Top products can be used on both the skin and the hair, making them a valuable addition to your custom room.

Color Schemes

Selecting the right colors for your fantasy makeup will be important to create an effect or a character. Many companies offer a very limited range of these products, and they are often not designed for extensive body and face painting.

On the other hand, there are companies that are selling to theaters, the film industry and to professional makeup artists as well as the general public. These companies tend to offer a wide range of products including body and face paints, glitters, powdered metals, liquid latex and even complete airbrush systems to allow professional application of the fantasy products.

Check the color selection, the tools and equipment offered, and even the options in the face and body paint and products. The more selection that is offered, the more options you have to find the colors, accessories and tools you need.


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