Tuckpointing in Chimney Repair

Tuckpointing is a restoration procedure that is used in deteriorating masonry chimneys. It is the repair of the mortar used in between the bricks. While tuckpointing can also be used on masonry walls as well, the focus here will be on masonry chimneys and the tuckpoint process.

Reasons to Tuckpoint

Mortar that is used between bricks lasts about 20 years. The condition is usually a direct result of weather and water conditions. With advanced deterioration of the mortar, the chimney will be in danger of collapsing. The repair for a full chimney repair is, of course, more than it would be to tuckpoint the chimney. Tuckpointing is a cost-effective repair before it gets to that point.

Tuckpointing Process

When looking for tuckpointing contractors in Oak Park to repair your chimney, they should be able to provide a complete repair of the structure. Tuckpointing repair involves removing the crumbling mortar by grinding it down evenly. New mortar is then placed into the created mortar trench. Then, small strips of mortar are cut out to create new trenches or grooves. These new grooves are filled in with the same color as the outer mortar that is used.


Tuckpointing provides structural strength to the chimney. It also creates a barrier from the outside elements that can facilitate the corrosion of the chimney. It would be beneficial to check the mortar between your chimney’s bricks every few years to ensure you have a structurally sound chimney.


If you have a 20-square foot chimney, the cost to get the tuckpoint should it need it would be around $500-$1000.  This is considerably less of a cost than a full chimney repair which can run you $2000-$3000. Licensed contractors are able to assess and give a fair estimate of the tuckpointing process if you are needing the repair done.

Tuckpointing contractors in Oak Park can help you with your chimney repair. Contact Fortune Restoration Painting & Masonry online at http://www.fortunerestoration.com for help.


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