Try A New Espresso Machine In New York City

Everyone has their favorite coffee specialty drink. It is hard to believe they all started with a cup of espresso. Espresso is made by pushing pressurized boiling water through finely ground coffee beans. As a result, the coffee is more concentrated and has a stronger favor. It is served with foamy “crema” on top. The origins of espresso are closely tied to the world-wide spread of coffee. Experts believe coffee beans for the original espresso came from all over the world. Did a cup of espresso begin with someone trying to make better coffee? Historians believe people started using pressure to extract coffee in the 19th century. In fact, the word espresso means “pressed out.”

Die-hard coffee enthusiasts say the perfect cup of espresso is made by the crema. Further, they insist a machine cannot imitate crema made by someone’s hand. However, Luigi Bezzera made the first espresso machine and it made a dark, rich espresso with perfect crema on top. The perfect crema is supposed to look like tiger skin. It was not long after World War II that an Italian made the first machine powered by a spring. Additionally, the machine had a lever to push hot water through coffee by expanding the spring. Most modern machines still use this spring action. Today, if you want to buy an Espresso Machine in New York City, Contact Espresso RMI Inc.

The best espresso machines for the home cost between $500 to $1000. That is a lot of money but imagine having your own machine. An Espresso Machine in New York City would be great for a party or after-dinner treat. DeLonghi makes a machine that grinds and brews with the touch of a button. A dial is available to change the strength of the drink. It has a special “turbo wand” that froths milk for the crema. Further, the machine comes with a cup warming tray, and the brewing unit detaches for washing. On the other hand, Jura makes a fine machine. It has an 18-bar pump that heats very quickly. Interestingly, this machine has two frothing methods, the dual frother plus, and frothXpress. Imagine sitting down to espresso you made yourself.


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