Avoid Tooth Loss Using Dental Root Canals in Keizer, OR

A tooth consists of the enamel shell, the dentin filler, and the root pulp. The enamel provides the tooth with basic protection and strength while the dentin provides the bulk of the tooth and its basic shape. The root canal or pulp canal is the most misunderstood portion, and its primary function is to carry the blood supply and nerve that each living tooth requires. One reason that deep cavities become so painful is that they expose this sensitive area to food particles and other things that irritate the exposed nerve. Eliminating this situation requires Dental Root Canals in Keizer OR.

The root canal procedure can be a complex process of decay removal, and this is its primary purpose. The dentist will begin by eliminating the decayed enamel and dentin. The next step is to clear out the pulp in the canal, including any dead or damaged tissue. This is done so the canal can be filled with an inert material, typically a rubber compound known as gutta percha. These steps make dental root canals in Keizer OR the best way to eliminate the decay while keeping much of the shell intact.

Some people wonder why having a root canal is better than extracting the damaged tooth, and the main reason is simple: the root canal leaves the shell, and this can be used to anchor a crown in place. The alternative is to have the tooth removed and an artificial anchor or dental implant put in its place. This may eventually occur, but most dentists feel that keeping the real tooth is the better choice.

Protecting and cleaning the teeth are the best ways to prevent cavities from forming, but even the best cleaning procedures may allow them to occur. Regular dental visits will improve discovery time, and this allows the dentist to avoid major problems. Unfortunately, not all patients keep these visits, and this is when the cavity gets out of control. If the dentist can clean and seal any damage before it becomes serious, then the root canal may not be necessary.

Keep in mind that repeated dental treatments to the same tooth may also force the need for a root canal procedure, especially if the decay reaches the root tips or causes an infection to develop. Contact us for more details and eliminate the pain of serious cavities.



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