Frequently Asked Questions About A Tooth Extraction In Pine Beach, NJ

Although dentists often try to save an individual’s tooth if at all possible, sometimes it’s necessary to have a tooth extracted. After having an extraction, many patients experience bleeding and swelling in their mouths where the teeth were taken out. If having a tooth pulled is new to you, read the questions and answers below to discover what to expect after having an extraction in Pine Beach NJ.

Q.) After a tooth extraction, does an individual normally have an excessive amount of bleeding?

A.) Right after the extraction, and for several hours afterwards, many individuals do have bleeding at the extraction site. To control the amount of blood coming from the tooth’s socket, individuals should moisten gauze pads and place them over the opening. Individuals should replace the gauze about every 30 minutes or when blood covers the gauze pad. If an individual still has bleeding after two days, they should contact the dental office.

Q.) When can an individual eat after having a tooth extracted?

A.) Individuals should wait a few hours after having a tooth Extraction in Pine Beach NJ before they eat. Eating too soon could cause the tooth’s socket to begin bleeding again. The area where the tooth was pulled will be sore for a few days, so individuals should eat soft foods that won’t cause additional pain. Types of foods that are recommended include gelatin, pudding, mashed potatoes, broth, and oatmeal. Individuals should refrain from chewing on the side of their mouth where the tooth was pulled until it begins to heal.

Q.) What additional information should individuals be aware of after having a tooth extracted?

A.) After a lower tooth extraction, some people have numbness in the lower portion of their jaw for a few days after the procedure. Other individuals report a sore or stiff jaw after having a tooth pulled, and this should also go away in a couple of days.

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