Tramp Oil Separator Systems Have Much to Offer

by | Mar 1, 2017 | Separators


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Most shops today understand the need to filter coolants and remove impurities. This not only saves money, recycling fluid is good for the environment. An efficient system should have an oil water separator, and tramp oil separator systems (TOSS) are very efficient. In fact, they can give you a lot of benefits.

What Does TOSS Mean?

TOSS systems use a floating skimmer method, which literally skims tramp oil from your coolant. The skimmer mounts in the coolant reservoir. A separator pump pulls contaminated coolant through the skimmer mechanism and pumps it into a bag type filter. Suspended solids separate into the bag filter.

After passing through the filter, the fluid enters a separation area, containing filtration cubes. This acts as an efficient oil water separator. Once the coolant is completely cleaned, it returns to the reservoir. Removed oils make their way to the top of the separator tank, where they drain into a container for disposal. TOSS systems work for both coolant and washing fluid recycling.


Maintenance on TOSS systems is simple and easy. Your people don’t need specific training. For example, the system includes a skimmer, pump, and oil water separator unit. To clean, just put the skimmer in place, the return line into the reservoir, and turn the pump on. The system cleans itself.

You can use your TOSS while the shop machines are running. You don’t have to shut down. You enjoy more efficiency than rope or belt skimmers.

An effective tramp oil separator system enhances the life of your tools and equipment. It also removes dangerous contaminants from coolant and provides a healthier environment for employees.


You can use a TOSS system for lathe and milling operations. They work well in most machine shop operations and part cleaners. TOSS systems are sometimes used in wastewater treatment operations and other filtration systems.

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