Machine Coolant Filtration: Purpose And Applications

In today’s industrial complexes, machines operate more rapidly than they have ever before. As well, the metals they work with are more abrasive. In order to lubricate and cool such fast-running metal-finishing equipment, metalworking shops employ coolants. In addressing these issues, coolants help to increase tool longevity while facilitating the cutting of metal and keeping the specifications of part dimensions. However, coolants are subject to contamination. In order to prevent this from occurring, shops need to install machine coolant filtration equipment.

Why Coolant Contaminants Require Filtration

Coolants are not a single use product. They are on a continuous circuit. They move from the tank to the machinery before returning to the tank and starting the cycle over. This method is efficient and decreases waste. However, contamination of the coolant decreases the oil’s efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity.

As they move within the circuit, coolants receive contaminant from a variety of sources. Potential types are:

* Metal shavings,

* Shop dirt

* Fines

* Oils from the surface of the metal workpiece

Any type of metal debris present in the cutting oil or coolant is removable with the proper machine coolant filtration equipment.

The purpose of the filtration system is to provide efficient removal of contaminants. The intended result is to produce financial savings for the shop or company during the lifetime of the metalworking machinery – including CNC cutting tools.

Applications for Machine Cooling Filtration Systems

Coolants come in diverse chemical make-ups. They may be oil, semi-synthetic, pure synthetic or water-soluble emulsions. Machine coolant filtration devices and systems are available for all types of metalworking machines, including those utilizing CNC operating systems. Operators can install them for the following devices:

* Boring

* Broaching

* Drilling

* Grinding

* Milling

* Turning

In fact, most machine shop machinery requires machine coolant filtration equipment if the shop wants to reduce costs associated with contaminated coolant.


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