IBM Mainframe Solutions For Mail Software

Running a business means that you need to have the right software. You probably have programs that help you keep customer information safe and secure, as well as updated. However, you’ve also got a wide variety of options from the USPS, such as CASS, Presort, and many others that can help you save money and ensure that information is correct. The only trouble is that many companies offer these options for Windows-based computers. If you use an IBM mainframe, you may wonder if solutions are available to you, as well. With some companies, you will find options for these mainframes.

What You Get

You will get the same high-quality software that others have, but it will be formatted for work with your IBM mainframe. These solutions offer CASS-certified features, CICS capabilities, and even PAVE needs. With such, you’ll be able to improve your services, lower operating costs, and consolidate your vendors. No one wants to use multiple companies to get the best deal on mailings, and now, you don’t have to. You can choose one company that offers IBM mainframe solutions, and you’ll be on your way to saving money and getting mail delivered on time.

You can also find a lookup tool for CICS, which allows you to match addresses in real time and inquire about database functionality using an interactive system. You’ll be able to input an address and match it against USPS data files quickly and easily. Likewise, you will get return codes, which can be analyzed to determine why matches weren’t possible or what actions to take next.

Why You Need It

Whether you send thousands of mail pieces each month or want to make sure customers get their bill, so it’s paid on time, you’ll be more efficient and could generate more leads with IBM mainframe solutions.


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