Traffic Offenses Lawyers Offer the Legal Assistance Needed in Court

by | Jan 8, 2016 | Law Services


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Driving privileges are taken for granted until the risk of losing a driver’s license occurs. Losing a regular driver’s license can create numerous problems for an individual traveling back and forth to work. For an individual with CDL license, losing a driver’s license completely eliminates their opportunity to make a living. Traffic offenses lawyers can help an individual obtain limited driving privileges if they are eligible and will fight hard to protect someone’s license from being suspended or revoked. A DWI charge could result in jail time, costly fines, and the loss of a license. An individual with a CDL license cannot have a blood alcohol content higher that 04%. A regular driver’s license holder is permitted a 08% blood alcohol content.

DWI’s are not the only time traffic offenses lawyers should be contacted. Individuals can be arrested for driving with a suspended license, which can become an even more serious situation in some cases. Carrying insurance on automobiles is mandatory to legally drive the automobile. If there is no insurance in on the automobile, a driver’s license can be revoked and costly fines will occur. When speeding tickets occur, each ticket will have a number of points associated with it. An accumulation of numerous points will result in the loss of a license. In addition, insurance rates will dramatically increase from the tickets and points.

Reckless or careless driving can result in an accident, and even if it doesn’t, points will be assessed to a license. This is very similar to the points being assessed for speeding tickets. School bus stop arm violations and juvenile traffic offenses are also very serious and can affect the driving privileges of the individual charged.

A lawyer can represent someone who must appear in court for these violations. If an individual is innocent of the charges, the attorney will fight aggressively to have them dropped. They can help someone determine if they should go to court with the case or attempt to resolve the issue through a plea deal. For more information on assistance with traffic offenses, please feel free to visit

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