Top Three Benefits of LP Smartside Siding Installation in Waukesha Wisconsin

Adding new siding is a great way to improve the aesthetic appeal and value of a building structure. There are numerous siding products on the market today that can be used to create a perfect facade. One of the commonly used sidings is LP Smartside siding. LP SmartSide siding is made by treating wood fibers or wood strands with zinc borate for protection against termites and a resin binder for ample strength. LP SmartSide looks and feels like cedar with the same beauty and warm, but offers better performance and durability. LP SmartSide siding resists cupping, warping and splitting that is common with traditional wood siding. They can also endure extreme temperature, humidity, and rain. Here are top benefits homeowners can derive from LP SmartSide Siding Installation in Waukesha Wisconsin.

Durable and Ease to Maintain

LP SmartSide products have been tested in real-world conditions and laboratories to prove their durability and strength. Not only will they withstand extreme climatic conditions, but they will also last at least a decade. LP SmartSide siding requires less maintenance when compared to traditional wood siding that needs to be scrapped and repainted frequently. They are also resistant to contracting and expanding. All that these siding materials need is occasional cleaning to keep them looking great.

Stylish and Easy to Install

LP SmartSide products are easy to install when compared to other siding materials, such as fiber cement. They are lightweight and do not crack or break easily. Just like traditional wood siding, LP SmartSide siding will easily take nails and screw. LP SmartSiding products are available in a wide range of options. In fact, there are four distinct collections that can give a home the desired appearance. All LP SmartSide Products are pre-primed by the manufacturer, which makes it easier to apply the selected paint color.

They are Eco-Friendly

LP SmartSide siding is made using natural and renewable products. All wood comes from trees that small and fast growing so that they can be replenished easily. In addition, no urea-formaldehyde is used

These are just some of the main advantages homeowners can derive from a professional LP Smartside Siding Installation in Waukesha Wisconsin. For additional info about LP SmartSide products, and how to contact a professional for installations, go to Website URL.


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