Tips for Getting the Best Prices on Home Heating Oil in Southington, CT

Budgets can get tight when fall and winter roll around due to the high costs involved with purchasing home heating oil. There are a few steps homeowners can take, however, to limit the amount of money they need to spend on Home Heating Oil in Southington CT.

Consider a Payment Plan

These plans are a great option because they usually involve either a fixed or capped price for home heating oil as long as the homeowner pays a monthly bill towards the contract, which is based on an estimate of how much heating oil the household will use. Any unused money from the payment plan can be rolled over toward the next year or refunded, depending on the contract. The payment plan can often be used to spread the costs out throughout the whole year, rather than just the heating season to make it easier to budget for this expense.

Pre-Buying Oil

Another method that may result in savings on Home Heating Oil in Southington CT is to pre-buy oil. This works best if a homeowner uses about the same amount of oil each year and knows approximately how much to buy. Also, it’s a good method to use when the price of oil is expected to go up, rather than down. Should the price go down instead, the homeowner will have paid too much, so it is a little risky and may result in a loss rather than a savings. The U.S. Energy Information Administration publishes a Short-Term Energy Outlook on their website that can help a homeowner determine whether pre-buying might be a good idea.

Pay Cash on Delivery

There are also some oil delivery companies that will offer discounts for paying on delivery with either a credit card or cash. This type of dealer doesn’t provide service, however, and doesn’t delivery automatically on a set schedule. This means the homeowner needs to watch the oil level and call when a delivery is needed. The rate will be discounted, but that doesn’t mean it won’t still be more than it might have been if the oil was pre-bought or purchased using a payment plan.

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