Tips on Hiring a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Lafayette LA

by | Jun 2, 2016 | Law Services


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Does a person always need an attorney after a DUI arrest? Hiring a lawyer has its benefits-;the attorney knows the local court system, they can handle a plea bargain, and they can navigate complex administrative processes. While some first-time offenders may be able to get by without a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Lafayette LA, those facing subsequent DUI charges should consider hiring legal representation through

Should One Enter a Guilty Plea?

If this is a person’s first DUI charge, they may simply choose to enter a guilty plea. It’s a wise decision if the case is open-and-shut, such as if one’s BAC is elevated, or the officer testifies on one’s erratic driving. However, before entering a guilty plea, one should learn about the state’s DUI laws so they can make an informed choice.

Sentence Bargaining

Along with plea bargaining, most areas allow sentence bargaining. This step can be very useful in cases where pleading guilty can bring a long prison term. One may be willing to plead guilty to a subsequent DUI if they know what type of sentence to expect. The same applies in aggravated cases, or where death or injury have occurred. In such a case, it’s important to have an attorney to maximize one’s chances of a reduced sentence.

Repeat Offenders

If one is facing their second or subsequent DUI, they should not proceed without hiring an attorney. If costs are a concern, some lawyers work with the client on financing, or they offer a discount or payment plan.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Attorney

It’s important for offenders to find an attorney who knows state DUI laws. These lawyers know the courts, and they can provide the appropriate representation. Potential clients should interview multiple DUI attorneys, and they should compare prices as they go. Below are some additional tips:

• Choose an attorney who focuses on defending DUI cases.

• Schedule a free consultation to decide if the attorney is a good fit.

• Ask the lawyer for information on representation costs, payment options and credit financing.

Facing DUI charges can be a frightening prospect, especially if one is a repeat offender. By hiring a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Lafayette LA, one can simplify the process, protect their rights and possibly get a reduced sentence.

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