Doggie Day Care in Walnut Creek Can Be Fun!

Doggie day care in Walnut Creek does not have to be something that your dog “has to do” it can be something that they look forward to doing. There is no better assurance than seeing your dog’s tail wag when you drop them off at daycare. If your dog is not excited about going to day care, then you may be at the wrong center.

Compassionate Doggie Day Care

Dogs are intuitive creatures that use body language to understand whether people are happy to see them or not. Unfortunately not every day care that is set up to accept dogs offers a caring and compassionate staff. There is a difference between taking care of a dog and caring for a dog. Taking care of a dog is not really caring for the dogs whole being. You do not want to settle for a day of just food and water; you want to be sure that your dog is having FUN. The right day care environment is focused on:

  • Compassionate loving care
  • Plenty to do
  • A friendly welcoming atmosphere
  • Structured play and off leash free play

Compassionate loving care matters to both the dog and the humans that love the dog. Your dog will instantly know if they are in the right spot because they can pick up on the vibe of the people they are going to interact with. To have peace of mind when you are away from your dog, it all starts with knowing that they are in good hands in a compassionate loving environment. It also helps to know that your dog is having fun while you are working or doing what humans have to do. Look for a friendly welcoming atmosphere that offers complete transparency. In other words you should be able to come by and pick your dog up whenever you want to.

It is important that your doggie day care option offers both structured and off leash play opportunities to ensure that your dog is enjoying their time away from you.

Look for the Wagging Tail

When you visit a potential doggie day care in Walnut Creek area, check for the other wagging tails. A happy group of dogs is always a good sign that the daycare is a place where the dogs like to be. Don’t stress over leaving your dog to take care of life, just be sure that you are choosing a caring environment not just an environment that takes care of our dog.


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