Tips For Using Industrial Cooling Fans

In large buildings, warehouses, storage buildings, production facilities and manufacturing plants, providing temperature control through the use of air conditioners would be cost prohibitive.

To provide a more consistent temperature in these types of facilities, a more energy and cost effective method is to use industrial cooling fans. To further add efficiency and cooling ability adding misting systems to the fans to distribute a micro-fine mist with the air generated by the fan can provide amazing results with a fraction of the cost of industrial air conditioning systems.

Choose Industrial Equipment

While it may seem obvious, ensuring that the industrial cooling fans under consideration are currently used in industrial facilities is important. By working directly with the fan and misting system manufacturer and verifying that the specific fans you are considering have been used in similar sized facilities will ensure effective cooling.

Industrial equipment is also meant to be mounted to the existing facility structure. This prevents the need for portable fans, extension cords and other safety concerns with the operation of other styles of fans.

Design the Fan System Configuration

Many of the top manufacturers of industrial cooling fans and misting systems have professionals on staff to design the best combination of fans, misters and system configuration.

By working with the designed configuration, it is possible to maximize the distribution of the cool air throughout the facility and avoid overlapping the cooling area of neighboring fans. This not only provides an even distribution and circulation of air but it is also more energy efficient, helping to save money during operation.

The additional factor with the correct placement and spacing of the fans and misters is that it helps to save the costs of the initial purchase of the equipment as well as the cost of installation.


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