Crawl Spaces In Kent Should Be Dry And Rodent Free Like A Basement

by | Jan 10, 2017 | Home and Garden


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Crawlspaces are the area under a home that gives access to plumbing, heating and other utilities instead of a basement. Crawl Spaces in Kent should be dry and made to be rodent free. A crawl space is the easiest way for rodents to enter a home. A mouse can crawl through a hole the size of a pencil. Although they appear larger than that, they really are that tiny when they need to be. Eliminating gaps that lead to the home and offering a less than inviting environment will reduce their population coming into a home.

In addition to rodents being a problem, stray cats, raccoons, and other unwanted critters will take refuge in a crawl space that is open. The floor of a crawl space is usually made of dirt. It should be sealed with plastic so the moisture leaving the ground doesn’t rot the wood or insulation and cause a mold and mildew problem. Rotted floors is a common problem of above Crawl Spaces in Kent. Mold can create and unhealthy living environment for occupants of a home. Dampness can be absorbed into the insulation which will produce rot.

A clean crawl space is very important for healthy living spaces. Insulation can become home to insects and rodents. The weight of insect and rodent droppings combined with carcasses from these pests will pull the insulation to the ground. Poor insulation in a crawl space means increased energy costs in a home. A full-service crawl space company can remove the damaged insulation and replace it with insulation that can help to deter rodents and insects. In addition to correcting the bottom floor of a home, they can remove pests from an attic area and restore a healthier environment around a home.

If you’re interested in removing the contaminated or insufficient insulation in a crawl space or attic, improving energy efficiency, quality of the indoor air, and eliminating insects and rodents from entering your home, contact a company like Independent Clean Crawls. They have almost ten years of experience improving the functions of these areas and eliminating dangerous rodent dropping from cause occupants in a home from becoming ill from them.

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