Is An Outdoor Misting System Your Best Option?

Having a lovely place to spend time outdoors is a priority for many homeowners. Finding a way to stay cool in the heat of the day in all zones of the country can be a challenge, with many homeowners turning to fans, misting systems and combinations of the two.

One of the latest options to hit the market is the outdoor misting system. There are different options with these systems that range from cheap do-it-yourself kits to more sophisticated systems that are custom designed to suit the specific outdoor living space.

In addition to the outdoor misting system, there are also misting fans that can be used outdoors. These are the large blade fans that provide a gentle circulation of air combined with the very micro-fine mist from a traditional misting system. This provides an additional level of cool with the slight breeze that turns even the hottest summer day into a pleasant experience.

Style of Patio

An outdoor misting system does require circulation of the air to allow the flash evaporation and cooling to occur. With enclosed patios or patios enclosed on two or three sides, air circulation may limit the cooling effect. With the use of the misting fan, circulation of air is completed by the blades of the fan.

Quality of the System

Investing in a top-quality misting system will result in years of use without anything but routine maintenance. Ideally, use a system with a motor to provide consistent water pressure, not a system that relies on water pressure through your house.

This will ensure the micro droplets and prevent issues with drips and pressure differences from the intake side of the system to the last nozzle along the line. Quality system can be left outdoors year round; they will just need to be drained completely in more northern areas where freezing is a concern.


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