Tips For Keeping Your Data Safe In The Cloud

The cloud provides secure data storage solutions for businesses of all sizes and types. However, it is also essential the business implement at least basic security measures to prevent both internal and external security breaches.

It is more comfortable to assume that all data breaches are conducted by anonymous hackers searching the internet for vulnerabilities. In reality, poor internal security practices, unregulated access to data, old devices, and even how employees are trained in cyber-security pose a much more significant and realistic threat.


End-to-end encryption of data means the data stored in the cloud is unreadable even if a hacker gains access. Encryption both on computers and devices as well as in the cloud is highly recommended for any sensitive data.

Encrypting data stored in the cloud also means any third-party IT management services the business uses will not have access to data when completing maintenance or working on your system.


Set specific standards for passwords used to log in to the cloud. Setting password rules for employees and customers is critical, with weak or reused passwords linked to as many as 75% of all data breaches. The best passwords include combinations of letters, numbers, and special symbols. Passwords should also be changed regularly for all users.

Train Employees on Security

Employee errors, such as keeping written notes on passwords, sharing passwords, or logging into the system using personal computers and devices without the latest security upgrades and patches are common sources of data breaches. Routinely training employees in best practices for cloud security is an essential preventative step for cloud security.

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