Moving To A Bare Metal Server

It can be difficult as a business owner to understand all the different options in technology. This includes both hardware and software, as well as the platform. When it comes to using cloud-based technology and solutions, there are several types of infrastructure options to consider.

One type of solution that is ideal for businesses and companies with a significant need for security and resources is a bare metal server. Most cloud-based solutions used by businesses are hypervisor servers, which are virtual servers that share common resources and storage capacity. However, hypervisor servers do provide control over many features, making them the ideal choice for general operations while offering a low cost.

The choice of a bare metal server means the business is the sole tenant on the server, allowing full control and use of all computing, resource, and storage capacity of the server. In more common language, this is a private dedicated server rather than a shared server.

Full Computing Resources

With a hypervisor or virtual cloud option, some of the computing capacity of the server is used to run the virtual environments on the server. With the use of the single-tenant server, 100% of the resources of the server are available to the user.

These are fully maintained servers by the host, and they are optimized for the tenant, providing highly reliable performance.

Security Benefits

The bare metal server also offers the benefit of customized security. The tenant can customize and deploy the specific security features needed for the full protection of data and systems.

This security benefit is significant for many businesses. They are ideal when full end-to-end encryption of data is a requirement for the business.
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