Things To Know About Cloud Computing Providers

Finding the right cloud service provider for your business is an important step in keeping up with technology while growing your business. Taking the time to get to know more about cloud computing providers before choosing one is time well spent in the process.

Unfortunately, too many businesses choose cloud computing providers without doing more than a basic comparison of pricing and features. While price is a factor, there are equally critical issues to consider.

Cloud Offerings

Most of the top cloud computing providers offer private and public clouds, and some offer hybrid clouds. Hybrid clouds can include public and private components, which allow for increased security and customization. Other providers may offer the option to create hybrid clouds using Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and several others.

Specialized Clouds

If you are in the banking industry, require a cloud for HANA or non-HAHA SAP use, verify the provider offers this specialized cloud. It will be SAP-certified and provide the workload capacity and resources these systems require. Medical and financial services may also want specialized clouds to stay in compliance without developing the security on their own.

Cloud Migration

Consulting with cloud computing providers can provide insight into the type of support to expect during cloud migration. The top providers may offer Migration as a Service, which allows the provider to manage the migration process.

Service Levels

Always verify the service level agreement or SLA the cloud provider offers. This provides an agreement or contact as to the services the provider agrees to perform and the response time, security and data management, and other factors.

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