Tips for Illuminating Your Pool and Surrounding Areas

There’s nothing like coming home from a hard day’s work and jumping into a cool and refreshing swimming pool. A good pool can make a tough day tolerable, and you might want to relax and have fun in the water after dark. If so, consider installing some effective water and pool deck lighting and here are some tips to help you with your lighting needs.

It’s Not an Airport

Some people get carried away when they light the way to their swimming pools. Make sure to choose lighting that’s specially made for landscapes and pool deck lighting. You want lights that are soft yet illuminate well. If your lights are too bright and all in a row, it may look like an airport runway. This is not a good look for a relaxing and fun environment.

Don’t Forget about Downlights

If you want to keep glare to a minimum, consider downlights. These lights can be placed along pathways, and because they focus on the ground, they provide excellent illumination without getting in your eyes. You may also want to install downlights in trees or other areas high off the ground. However, these lights should be used sparingly to avoid looking like an industrial facility.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated or Difficult

Thanks to today’s modern lighting products, it’s easy to install your own landscape and pool deck lighting on your property. When you buy quality LED landscape lighting, installation as easy as plugging in a low-voltage transformer and running wires to your lights. Because your new LED lights run on low-voltages, you don’t have to be an electrician to install them, and there are no major shock hazards to be concerned about. Make sure to choose a lighting manufacturer with many years of experience and a wide range of selections, for best results.


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