Tips For Comparing Hot Saw Blade Designs

For cutting that uses friction, a hot saw blade that is top quality and built to not only get the job done but also to last is a critical consideration. These saw blades are essential to get trees cut quickly, and they need to stand up to use to help to lower the cost of equipment and replacements while also speeding up the felling and cutting of trees.

It will also be important to choose the right types of saw teeth for the hot saw blade. This includes no shank teeth, one-piece teeth and two-piece teeth. Within these three different options, there are various options in actual shapes and types of teeth including concave, beaver and carbide which are all designed for specific applications and uses.

Blade Types
There are several different designs in hot saw blade models which offer durability, fast cutting operations and even some very unique options. One-piece saw discs are durable and built to last, and they also will have long pro-rated hour warranties, with some up to 4000 hours of use.

New designs in these one-piece discs can include deep gullets throughout the disc. This allows for small and large chips to be trapped in the gullets and thrown out of the cut by the rotation of the blade itself. This is different than the chips simply working past the blade and the teeth in the normal cutting motion, and by preventing this additional friction and wear the blade life is extended.

Segmented Saw Discs
With segmented hot saw blade designs, there are several different considerations. Some styles and designs allow for the teeth for the blade to be mounted on either side, which doubles the life of the holder. Additionally, these types of designs may also allow for the disc rotation to be easily changed, allowing for uniform wear.

The actual rating or the ability to of the disc to stand up to specific types of cutting applications is always important. A hot saw blade with a higher torque is preferred for this type of work, and it is more resistant to abrasion and operates without the risk of breaking.

Another factor to consider with the choice of a hot saw blade is the risk of impact with the blade, and the energy required to use the blade. The more energy efficient the design of the blade is the easier it is on equipment, on fuel consumption and the higher the production, all important factors to consider.

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