The Beauty And Grace Of Knotty Alder Doors

If you live in a home with rustic charm and want to complete the picture, consider installing knotty alder doors. This species of wood is quickly becoming popular in North America. Knotty alder’s warm, cherry like hue, relatively straight grain and small knots make it a natural fit with many homeowners. Its reception leads to its application in the construction of both interior and exterior doors.

Why Install Knotty Alder Doors?

People are drawn to knotty alder doors for a variety of reasons. They like it for it’s:

* Appearance: It has a natural beauty and charm that immediately attracts the eye and holds it

* Clarity: The wood is clear and relatively free from large knots. This makes it easy to work with

* Cost: Alder is a weed tree. It grows plentifully and in diverse locations scorned by other trees. This reduces the overall cost

* Low environmental impact: As a tree that grows at an alarming rate and in diverse soils, knotty alder is prolific. This makes it a tree that is not endangered and, therefore, an easily renewable source of wood

* Architectural Suitability: While best known for a rustic look, knotty alder doors can be used for stone and wood structures of various styles to give it a provincial look

Yet, this does not mean installing alder doors is without risks and issues. While the wood is beautiful, it is also soft. This results in dents and potential damage. The weather may also have a negative effect on the condition of an exterior knotty alder door.

Knotty alder doors, because of their soft nature need protection. It is markedly prone to changes in humidity. Interior doors may fare better than exterior ones. Both will, nevertheless require careful maintenance. This will help you to reduce minor problems becoming larger ones.

However, you can initially improve upon the potential issues by ensuring the product you purchase is protected appropriately. You can also take measures yourself to increase the capability of a knotty alder door to survive less than ideal conditions. The proper finishing using the latest technology will go a long way in helping you preserve your knotty alder door. Make certain, if you apply varnish or other finishing material, that it does not affect what drew you this tree species in the first place – the color.

Knotty Alder Doors: Economic and Beautifully Rustic

Alder is a very economical wood. You can readily find doors made from this species in retail outlets and home improvement stores. Commonly used as material for exterior doors, many prefer to reduce the potential for damage by installing them only indoors. Whatever your preference, it is almost impossible to ignore the attraction of knotty alder. knotty alder doors are beautiful, charming, inexpensive and easily create that warm sensation associated with rustic homes.

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