A Grapple Rotator that Complements Your Equipment

A grapple rotator that compliments your equipment helps you to get more out of your equipment. The rotator and your equipment has to work in harmony for you to get the best results. The wrong grapple rotator can cause delays on the job site, reduce the level of productivity and put an undue amount of wear and tear on your equipment which can result in costly malfunctions. Having the right grapple rotator will make your equipment perform at its height of operation. It is the best way to get the most work out of your equipment.

What Makes a Rotator Great?

There are some key components that will take a rotator from good too great. Finding the following qualities will ensure that you are getting reliable tools that you will be able to depend on in even the most grueling situations:

* Good rust protection
* Slide bearing in cover to absorb radial forces
* Roller bearing to support the axial load
* Easy access oil connections
* High number of wings to improve efficiency

Many of the rotators will have one or two of the above qualities but rarely will you find all of the most wanted and proven qualities. You want a rotator that is going to last and that can take the tough work load without any problems. The above components help to improve productivity and decrease the wear and tear on your equipment.

When you want the rotator that the industry leader recommends you want to choose from Finn-Rotators. They are reliable, durable and made to tough it out in the most austere conditions.

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