Tips For Choosing 30mm Scope Rings

There are some accessories for weapons that are considered the optimal choice for serious gun owners or those who are interested in improving their marksmanship skills. These components or accessories are typically not stock on the rifles but can be added on from aftermarket manufacturers to enhance the weapon’s performance.

One of the accessories that are most often considered by serious shooters or those that are passionate about improving their skills is 30mm scope rings. They are ideal for long range shooting and accuracy, and with the slightly larger rings, they are great for shooters of any experience level.

Mount Type

It is important to choose a mount type for 30mm scope rings that will work for your needs. The most often used option is the two piece scope mount option. This is really two different scope rings that are attached to the weapon. They will need to be aligned, but there is a greater range of positioning options for the rings on the rifle.

The other option is the single mount scope rings. These are two rings with a connecting bar that allows for a single mount to the weapon. The advantage to this style is that there is no alignment needed. This is often the best selection when using a longer optic.

Quality of Manufacturing

Be careful when purchasing 30mm scope rings online. Always buy from a manufacturer or an authorized dealer and not through a general retailer. If you are serious about hunting or shooting, you will also want to make sure the scope rings are made by a company with a top reputation in quality parts and accessories.

Scope rings in the 30mm to the 1-inch size come in different heights from a low, standard, high and extra height. Knowing your preferences, your scope size and your weapon will be important when choosing the right set of rings.


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