How to Prepare Yourself Before Hitting the Gun Range in Newark, DE

Gun ranges are great places to help sharpen and maintain your shooting skills. If you’re thinking of heading to a gun range Newark, DE, then you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared. Listed below are some general considerations you should be aware of before arriving.

Always Obey The RSO (Range Safety Officer)

Gun ranges usually have an RSO. It’s their job to keep everyone safe. No matter what this officer says, it’s your duty to obey them without hesitation, even if you don’t understand or agree.

Have a Suitable Range Bag

You don’t want to show up to the range without something suitable to contain your equipment. You’ll need a durable range bag to help keep your items (guns, bullets, hat, ear protection, notepad, targets) organized and tidy. There are companies that make bags specifically for gun ranges, but a sports duffel bag should be fine as well.

Stay in Your Lane

When you arrive to the gun range in Newark, DE, you’ll be assigned a lane. It’s important that you stay in your lane under all circumstances. If you have any questions or concerns, call on the RSO instead of asking other shooters in adjacent lanes.

Clean Up

At the end of your session, you’re going to have a little mess that needs cleaning up. It will mainly consist of shell casings and used targets but may also include used tape and cloth. Whatever is left behind, you’ll want to make sure to clean everything up for the next shooter to use the lane.

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