Time to Visit a Pet Health Clinic

Whether you own a cat, dog, or another type of animal, having a great pet health clinic on hand can help you to keep these companions healthy and happy. Mammals are subject to the same diseases and injuries as humans, ranging from urinary tract infections to cancer, and an annual checkup will ensure that such conditions are caught early. There are some signs, such as changes in sleeping and eating patterns, that can help you determine whether or not you should bring your pet to the clinic outside of his or her usual checkup and knowing these can also help.


Dogs are especially unlikely to tell you whenever they are not feeling well, in part because they cannot speak to you directly but also because they may not realize that they are unwell at all. Look for signs of trouble with your dog, such as a sudden decrease or increase in his or her appetite, to indicate whether or not you should bring him or her to the pet health clinic or visit vetassociatesbodman.com. A dog who is suddenly not eating at all is likely in pain or ill and a dog who is ravenous and eating large amounts could have an intestinal or stomach parasite.


Cats are commonly distressed by kidney issues and one sign that your cat may not be feeling well and is developing a kidney problem could be if he or she begins drinking large amounts of water. If you see your cat constantly spending time at his or her water bowl or if he or she often comes to you asking for more, it may be time to visit the pet health clinic. A professional there can help you to determine if the kidneys are to blame and make it possible for you to find a treatment plan that can work in the long term for your beautiful pet feline.


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