Cool Curb Appeal Ideas to Complement Your Wrought Iron Door

An iron wrought door works with an array of decorative schemes, making it simple to find the best curb appeal to complement it. The key is knowing the style you prefer most so that your landscape and other elements give off the right vibe.

Shabby Chic Curb Appeal

Shabby chic is a whimsical and classic landscape option. Start with a variety of delicate flowers in softer colors, such as lilacs, soft pink peonies, and white or pale yellow lilies. You might consider a lightweight grass to place around your front porch to soften the look of the wrought iron. A white ceramic birdfeeder and distressed wood elements, such as planters, also contribute to this design theme.

Country Vibe for Your Curb Appeal

After exploring stock iron doors on sale and picking the perfect one for your needs, it is time to enhance your total curb appeal. If you are looking for a country vibe, consider flowers that are red, blue and golden orange, such as roses and sunflowers. These add a southern aesthetic to your property. Consider using distressed railroad ties to line your front walkway and driveway. You can also place other wrought iron elements, such as a wheel or a small water feature.

Go With a Modern Look

Wrought iron is easy to work into a modern and sleek design. Keep the plant life simple and easy to control, such as yucca, aeonium, and lily turf. Utilize metal elements, such as planters and to line your walkway and driveway. Dark wood and an array of simple gray or beige stones work well as walkway materials in modern landscapes.

You can see that an iron wrought door can be the perfect focal point for your curb appeal design. Wrought iron doors are also durable and stand up well to the elements, making them the perfect option for your front door. Click here for more information.


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