The Process Involved When Installing Privacy Fences In Minneapolis

A privacy fence not only provides safety and security for a home, but it can add beauty and increase the value of the property as well. Privacy Fences in Minneapolis are constructed from wood, vinyl, or metal, and are designed to provide years of privacy while requiring little to no maintenance. Before a homeowner chooses to install a fence, they should have an understanding of what is involved in the process. While it may seem like an easy job on the surface, it is typically one that is best left to a professional fence installation company.

Survey and Permits

It is imperative to have a survey of the area where the fence will be installed, especially if it is going to be placed on a property line. This will prevent issues with the location of the fence that could cause the homeowner to have to move it. Also, the homeowner will have to get the required permits from their local zoning office. Some permits will require the fence to be inspected after completion to ensure it is installed according to any state or local regulations.

Ground Excavation and Preparation

Once all of the legalities are out of the way, the next step is to prepare the ground. The team will first excavate the land where the fence will be installed. Once the surface is level, they will then use a post hole digger to create the anchor holes where the fence posts will be grounded. Most posts are placed five feet apart, which will provide stability and prevent the natural beauty of the fence from being compromised.

Fence Installation

Once the ground is prepared, the contractor will then begin the installation. The first step is to anchor the fence posts in the ground using concrete and rebar. The posts will have to be leveled during the anchoring process to ensure the fence is level all the way around the property. Once the posts are secure, they will then attach the fence panels to the posts and apply a sealer or other finish to the exposed wood.

The job of installing Privacy Fences in Minneapolis is not to be taken lightly. Don’t try to do it alone when the team at Dakota Unlimited can help design and install any fence system. Click here to learn more about the services they provide and arrange for a free estimate.


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