Three Reasons to Contact a Lawyer for Your PERA Benefits in Minneapolis

You’ve served the public and enriched your community for years, so you deserve proper benefits for all of your hard work. Sadly, many people fall through the cracks and don’t receive the PERA retirement benefits that are owed to them. If you’ve been disabled and aren’t getting the compensation that you deserve, then check out these three major reasons to contact the right law firm for your PERA retirement in Minneapolis.


If you’ve been disabled and are unable to work, then you may need consistent care to effectively manage your condition. Without the right care, your health could worsen. Unfortunately, you can’t get the best treatment without having the money to pay for it, so you need a reputable PERA lawyer to stand up for you so that you can get the right healthcare.

Quality and Professionalism

Like any legal matter, PERA cases involve a lot of paperwork, deadlines, and fine details. If you try to handle this all on your own, then you may end up misfiling a document, and that could set your case back. The right PERA lawyers have done this for years, so they can take care of all of the details promptly, accurately, and effectively so that you don’t have to.

Money Matters

You have bills to pay. Your mortgage, car payment, groceries, utilities, and other expenses cost money, but if you aren’t getting the PERA benefits that you’re entitled to, then you may have a hard time fulfilling your financial obligations. With a skilled PERA lawyer on your side, you will be much more likely to get the best benefits so that you don’t have to worry about money.

Nobody should be hung out to dry. You’ve worked hard, so you deserve benefits for everything that you’ve done. If you’ve been disabled and are having trouble getting your rightful benefits, then visit a reputable law firm to see how experienced lawyers can help you with your PERA retirement in Minneapolis.


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