What One Divorce Lawyer From Jacksonville, FL, Wants Couples to Know

Bad breakups that lead to divorces are often portrayed as chaotic in television shows and movies. This doesn’t have to be the case in every divorce situation. Here’s what one leading divorce lawyer from Jacksonville, FL, wants couples considering a divorce to know.

Talking With an Attorney Experienced in Family Law & Divorce Is Key

One of the most important things that divorce lawyers wished that all couples would do is to quickly get in touch with an experienced family law attorney with ample background in divorce cases. Often, those details that seem to get hung up in court can be worked out amicably between the divorcing parties without needing to go into an actual courtroom proceeding. Many divorce lawyers can act as a mediator to settle the questions of property division and child custody arrangements if kids are involved.

Find an Attorney That Offers Flexible Appointments

Most couples getting a divorce will likely be working at least some of the time. If the couple has small children or if one party is caring for a special needs child or an elderly parent, then there is not much time for fitting lawyer consultations. Find an attorney that offers flexible appointment times in-person or via phone, Skype or video conference.

Choose Your Divorce Lawyer in Jacksonville, FL, Carefully

Many couples are still friendly and wish to co-parent their children together without all of the drama and friction that some divorces might cause. Contact Judy-Ann Smith Law Firm, P.A for more information!


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