Services Offered at a Nail Salon in Jacksonville, FL

Going to a nail salon in Jacksonville, FL can be a great opportunity to enjoy some pampering. Treatments tend to focus on hands and feet and can take anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour or two, depending on what is being done. It helps to make an appointment in advance to ensure efficient service and beautiful results.

Manicures and Pedicures

Most of the appointments at a local nail salon Jacksonville, FL are for manicures and pedicures. Here a nail technician works to clean up the nails, remove the excess cuticle and callouses, and moisturize the area. Women often elect to have their nails painted either with a clear coat or with a favorite color. The treatment starts with a client soaking the hands or feet or both in warm water. From there, several tools are used to cut and shape the nails and push back or remove the cuticle.

Gel Overlays

There are times when fingernails need a little help when it comes to creating a beautiful look. Women sometimes turn to gel to get a hard coating over the top of the nails. This leaves them more resilient and can add length if desired.

Nail Art

Nail polish is a great way to add a little something extra to the nails at the Nail Salon Jacksonville, FL. While this can be done at home, many women prefer to have a professional put on the color as well as a clear topcoat to ensure the color lasts. It is possible for nail technicians to create a special look using the surface of the nail as a canvas. With the help of different colors of nail polish or airbrush colors, it is possible to create patterns and designs on the nail. Small tools are often used to get the necessary level of detail on such a small space.

To get more tips on how to care for your nails or to get an appointment at the nail salon Jacksonville, FL, visit and get more advice from a qualified specialist.


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