Three Facets of Workers’ Compensation Law in St. Charles, MO

People who have been injured on the job often wonder what kind of help they may qualify for through the state’s workers’ compensation law. Under workers’ compensation law, employees are provided with medical benefits and monetary assistance immediately following the injury and during the recovery period. Workers’ compensation law in St. Charles, MO ensures that people who sustain injuries at work are taken care of. It makes sure that injured workers have access to appropriate medical care, payment of lost wages, and compensation for ongoing problems.

Appropriate Medical Care

A person who is injured on the job should not need to worry about where to go for medical care or whether or not they will receive the level of care they need. Scrambling around and making phone calls to determine which doctor or facility is preapproved is time-consuming and interferes with getting medical attention promptly. Under workers’ compensation law, the injured person is entitled to medical treatment from at least one doctor of their choice, eliminating the need to seek specific doctors and facilities.

Payment of Lost Wages

Injured employees often worry about how they will make ends meet and pay medical bills immediately following a work-related accident and while they are recovering. Under workers’ compensation law, these employees are entitled to payment of their wages while they recover even if they miss work. Also, the medical care relating to the injury will be paid by the employer.

Compensation for Ongoing Problems

Sometimes, a work-related injury leaves an employee with lifelong, ongoing problems rendering them unable to return to their normal job duties. They may feel worried about receiving a demotion or being fired. In these cases, retaining a workers’ compensation lawyer is beneficial. A lawyer can help ensure that the injured worker not only receives appropriate medical care and payment of lost wages but also can help in attaining monetary compensation for the severity and extent of the injuries, especially if those injuries are causing ongoing problems.

The professionals at Niedner Law are experts in workers’ compensation law in St. Charles, MO. Help is available for filing workers’ compensation claims, determining the value of a work injury case, negotiating injury settlements, and collecting past-due benefits. The attorneys at Niedner Law work hard to ensure that clients receive everything they are entitled to. Visit for more information.


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