Top Reasons for Cremation in Bellevue Wa

The death of a loved one is a difficult time for a family. Decisions regarding the funeral service, burial, grave marker, and more must be made within a very short time period. Families often do their best to honor the deceased’s final wishes when making these decisions. One decision becoming more popular is choosing cremation over a traditional casket burial. Cremation in Bellevue Wa is gaining popularity because it is affordable, flexible, and environmentally friendly.

Affordability of Cremation

Cremation is typically just a fraction of the cost of a traditional casket burial. A burial requires a casket, burial vault or cemetery plot, grave marker, and a burial service. A cremation immediately eliminates the need for a casket, which is a huge expense. The need for a burial vault, cemetery plot, grave marker, and burial service, can also be eliminated, if a cremation-only package is chosen. If it is preferred to move forward with a burial and service, the costs are substantially lower with an urn than with a casket.

Flexibility of Cremation

Choosing cremation allows for flexibility in the planning of memorial services that would not be possible with a traditional casket burial. If a traditional burial is chosen, a memorial service must take place within a few days of preparing the body and typically must occur at a funeral home and cemetery. Alternatively, if a cremation is chosen, a memorial service can be planned several weeks after a death, allowing family and friends time to travel. In addition, the service can take place almost anywhere, and the ashes can be buried or scattered.

Environmental Benefits of Cremation

Cremation is considered to be a more environmentally friendly end-of-life option than a traditional casket burial. Choosing cremation eliminates the need for the toxic chemicals required for embalming. It also avoids using a large portion of land for burying a casket and remains and keeps the toxic chemicals out of the soil. Newer cremation facilities use less fossil fuels.

Cremation Society of Washington, a licensed and regulated cremation specialist, can be trusted for Cremation in Bellevue Wa. Straightforward, affordable cremation packages can be arranged online, either ahead of time or after a death occurs. Urns are available for purchase, as well as keepsakes and jewelry. The professionals at Cremation Society of Washington are available work with individuals and families of all major faiths and are available 24/7 to answer questions and provide assistance.


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