TouchBistro – The Technology Your Eatery Needs to Move Business Forward

Today’s restaurants have very stringent requirements for meeting the needs of consumers. Gone are the days when orders were jotted down on tickets hung from a wire and receipts were handwritten and cashed out manually on a clunky cash register. Modern eateries need the kind of cutting-edge technology that enables growth by allowing numerous forms of payment, fast and easy transactions and automatic backup for archiving. Getting all of that in one package might seem like a feat, but it’s easy with TouchBistro.

What is TouchBistro?

TouchBistro is a popular, well-liked and highly-rated point of sale system designed for restaurants. It boasts many today’s best POS system features, including:

  • Food service-specific features and a user-friendly interface that teaches employees to use the program as they use it.
  • Capability to accept gift cards, debit and credit cards in addition to cash payments.
  • An integrated loyalty program that encourages additional purchases and returning customers, and works along with your company’s own rewards programs.

In addition to all of this, the easy-to-use cloud in TouchBistro means that automatic backup of your receipts and purchase records gives your management instant, real-time access to the records you need to track sales, create schedules, apply relevant information to payroll and much more. It’s no surprise that TouchBistro is one of the most-used and highly-preferred point of sale systems in the restaurant world!

Will TouchBistro Work for Your Establishment?

Many POS systems are best-suited for certain kinds of businesses. With that in mind, will TouchBistro meet your restaurant’s needs? Most likely! TouchBistro is well-tailored to almost any size business, providing ample opportunity for growth while also being user-friendly enough to employ in even the smallest establishments.

Unlike many other POS systems designed for overall retail use, TouchBistro was created for and by restauranteurs. From fine-dining to casual family settings and more, the cloud in TouchBistro makes it perfect for storing lots of information – or just a little. Whatever your company’s needs are, you can meet them with this program. Contact your local provider of POS systems and sales programs for more information and see just how easy it can be to incorporate this software into your business’s everyday transactions!


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