The Vast Benefits of a Seeing a General Dentist in Honolulu

Going to the dentist is about as much fun as filing taxes for most people. It always makes the top ten list of things mostfeared by people. Dentistry has been practiced from the dawn of civilization, almost 7000 years. Dentists are highly trained professionals with several years of schooling including completing an accredited dental school program, encompassing all competencies and passing board exams. Upon graduation, candidates are awarded the DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) diploma or the DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) diploma, depending on the school. The degrees are equivalent.

The nature of their training is such that a General Dentist Honolulu is capable of performing most dental procedures. This can include bridges and crowns which are restorative procedures, root canals, dentures, braces, gum therapy, and extracting teeth. Dentists also provide oral health examinations useful in the early detection of many diseases and conditions. They can also diagnosis oral diseases and take x-rays.

Dentists may also choose to specialize in certain fields of including, but not limited to, periodontology which is the study of gum disease, endodontics which entails root canal therapy or oral surgery.

A General Dentist Honolulu practicing family dentistry may offer a wide range of dental services for people 7 to 100years old. Dentists, like Dr. Garrett T. Hayashi DDS, and his support staff, work together as a team to provide the best Hawaii has to offer in oral health services. The dental team consisting of dental assistants, dental hygienists, and dental technicians will help guide patients in all aspects of dental care. This includes proper home care, dental exams and cleanings to prevent or address problems early on. For patients who may be anxious about dental procedures, sedation
dentistry is an option, with mild sedation to deep sedation available.

Oral health is considered vital to an individual’s overall well-being and health. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, studies indicate that there is a strong correlation between gum disease and health issues such as diabetes and risk of stroke. Other research indicates that the majority of systemic diseases manifest orally as mouth ulcers, swollen gums, or advanced gum disease. Some of the systemic diseases include diabetes, pancreatic cancer, leukemia, oral cancer, heart disease, and kidney disease. Click here for more details.


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