Finding the Perfect Iron Entry Door for Your Home

The front doors to a home can be a warm and inviting sight, or can make you want to leave. This is the reason many people are choosing an iron entry door for their homes. However, when you shop for iron doors, make sure you get the right doors and this includes materials and construction. Here are some helpful tips for buying the best door for your money.

Thickness Matters

Did you know iron entry door construction is not all the same? In fact, some doors are much thicker than others. For example, you might think you are getting an excellent price on a door but it could be made with 14 or even 16 gauge iron. The lower the gauge number, the thicker the iron and you should choose a door made with 12 gauge iron.

Thinner iron is far more likely to dent or become damaged than thicker gauge material. In fact, an iron entry door made from 12 gauge iron is about 60 percent thicker than a 16 gauge door. This is a major difference and 12 gauge is 30 percent thicker than 14 gauge iron. Thinner doors are more likely to warp and end up with alignment problems. Plus, they are not as secure as thick iron doors.


Detailed iron works are some of the most attractive features of today’s iron entry door. However, not all scroll work is the same. For example, some are cut with lasers while others are hand forged. Hand forged iron represents fine craftsmanship and is the best option.

Simple cutting for scrollwork will provide designs, but they will be plain and two dimensional. Hand created decorations have been hammered and heated and provide a three dimensional piece of scrollwork unsurpassed in quality and beauty. The best scrollwork is made from 5/8 inch iron and when done properly you cannot see any welds.


The way an iron entry door is finished makes all the difference in the world. This is especially important if you live in a coastal area, as salt from the ocean is in the air and can be highly corrosive.

Galvanizing is very important if you want your door to be free of rust. However, not all doors are galvanized nor are they galvanized properly. The best way to rust proof a door involves zinc coating with an electro-static method. Simply powder coating iron does not ensure it will stay rust-free and over time, it can develop problems with corrosion.

A quality iron entry door has been sealed with epoxy enamel and clear coated for maximum protection. This will give you a door to be proud of for decades.

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