Signs that Sprinkler Repair in Spokane is Needed

Maintaining the balance between water conservation and healthy plants relies on the sprinkler system. This delivery system requires precise timing and range to perform its job perfectly. While there is little thought to the system when it is working properly, a broken sprinkler can cause these types of problems.

Grass and plants will drown if the roots are exposed to an excessive amount of water. A broken sprinkler head or a broken pipe in the water line will set up conditions for a drowning. This problem will get worse if a storm also dumps a bunch of rain on the yard. Grass that has been drowned will not recover. It will have to be replaced. The Sprinkler Repair in Spokane is needed as soon as possible to prevent all of that excess water from drowning the grass.

An excessive amount of water coming from the sprinkler system will also result in very high water bills. The water will seep through a broken sprinkler head or a broken pipe. Any small leakage will allow water to escape on a regular basis. Even these small leakages can add to the water bill. Getting them addressed as quickly as possible will restore the balance of water conservation and keeping a green yard.

A broken system can also cause the grass to dry out and die from a lack of adequate water. A broken sprinkler head can stop directing the water to the plants. A broken timer wouldn’t send the proper signal to turn the water on. Depending on the timing setup, dead grass can be the first sign that something is wrong. The Sprinkler Repair in Spokane is needed if the system isn’t operating properly. The timer, the water feeding system and the sprinkler heads will need to be inspected if there is no water.

The sprinklers help to maintain that balance between a live yard and the need to save water. If the system is breached, it can cause over-watering issues, high energy bills or not enough moisture reaching the grass. If there are any of these visible signs, the sprinkler system will need to be repaired.


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