The Value of Military Robotics

As robotics and computerized circuitry continues to advance, we see a blending of technologies, and IT companies and military wire harness manufacturers are creating smarter, agiler robots, capable of things once thought impossible not long ago. Let’s look at some of the things robots are doing for the military today that makes many jobs easier and saves lives.

Bomb Robots

Not long ago, bomb squad professionals had perhaps the most dangerous jobs on the planet. It only takes one minor mistake, oversight, or lapse of judgment to cause a serious explosion. Bomb diffusing is not only dangerous; the stress can reach levels that are dangerous to both physical and mental health. However, today this job (in both the military and private sectors) is much safer and easier, thanks to robots.

Mechanical bomb diffusers can approach suspected explosive devices, and with video, audio, and enhanced maneuvering features (thanks to many companies, including military wire harness manufacturers) it’s possible to either defuse bombs or detonate them, so no one is injured. Many people no longer have to risk their lives to do their work, as it’s done from a safe distance away.

Battlefield Robots

When troops have to engage the enemy in difficult surroundings like the house to house fighting and places with limited visibility, they can take heavy casualties. Today, it’s possible to send robots in to detect enemy personnel. These robots have video capabilities with night vision and infrared sensing technology. They can also tell if there are dangerous gases or chemicals in the air.

Missile Detectors

Not long ago, ship crews had to personally monitor radar screens to look for enemy missiles. With the help of IT and military wire harness manufacturers, this is done automatically with special robots. These are just a few ways that robots are improving life for everyone.


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