Is Subsea Engineering the Right Field for You?

As technology advances, young people entering the workforce have more career options available than ever, particularly in engineering. One of the most interesting areas of engineering is subsea engineering, yet it is a field that few people understand.

Subsea engineers design, build, maintain and repair submerged tools and equipment. Most of this equipment is used in the offshore petroleum industry, where the equipment is used to drill for oil deep into the ocean.

Due to the pressure, temperatures, and corrosion issues associated with using equipment deep in the ocean, undersea equipment has special design considerations. In addition, the field of petroleum and oil drilling is constantly pursuing innovation that allows oil companies to drill faster, cleaner, safer and more cost effectively.

Subsea engineering companies that make design or make equipment and tools for this environment employ most subsea engineers. In addition, some offshore oil drilling companies employ subsea engineers for maintenance and repair of their equipment.

Subsea Engineering Programs

Subsea engineering is often a specialty under the mechanical engineering department of a university. The University of Houston currently offers the country’s only graduate subsea engineering program. Most of the students who enter this program have an undergraduate degree in general mechanical engineering.

This is a career path that offers lots of potential for exciting engineering challenges with subsea engineering companies. With an industry that is growing and changing so quickly, you can bet that the future will hold many opportunities for innovation and growth to those who have the skills and training to design and maintain underwater equipment.

If designing and building for underwater drilling sounds like something that interests you, talk to a recruiter at a subsea engineering company to learn more about what they look for in a successful candidate, so that you can begin your training in this interesting field.


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