Wire EDM Services For The Medical Industry

The preciseness that results from the process Wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) is one that is admirably suited to fulfill the specifications and demands of many companies. The method produces tiny holes in metal surfaces. It can precisely cut through various metals. It can also create extremely tight tolerances. Thus, while it may be in demand by the automotive and aerospace industries when it comes to the production of medical devices, Wire EDM services prove to be particularly appropriate.

Wire EDM: Exacting Results

Wire EDM is ideal for creating intricate and unique shapes. It can produce components rapidly and easily. Using EDM, machine shops, and fabrication companies can produce detailed parts from even the most difficult or hardest to machine metals, including the highly popular:

• Aluminum

• Stainless steel

• Titanium

Through Wire EDM services, machinists can produce the quality specified but not obtainable through other more traditional machining techniques.
EDM Medical Device Machining

Medical device machining requires meeting exacting demands and specifications. For this reason alone, it is easy to see why Wire EDM is the natural method for producing medical devices. Wire EDM produces the following medical devices:

• Clips and staples

• Couplings

• Dental hand tools

• Elbow implants

• Flexures

• Heart stents

• Hip implants

• Insertion devices

• Knee implants

• Links • Ratchets

• Shoulder implants

• Spreading devices

• Surgical hand tools

The process of erosion that is characteristic of Wire EDM makes it perfect for producing perfectly crafted and eminently suitable components for large, small, and even micro medical and surgical tools for dental and medical applications.

Wire EDM Services: Precise Cutting Solutions

When it comes to producing medical devices, the need is for preciseness. Close tolerances and complex shapes tend to be the norm. To achieve these goals, machinists rely on the capabilities of Wire EDM services. No matter how complex the form; no matter how hard the metal to machine, Wire EDM can produce the result the medical industry demands.


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