The Value of Flexible Disc Couplings

by | Jan 25, 2016 | Industrial Goods and Services


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Does your Texas business utilize disc couplings? If so, you are using something with a long and successful history. Nearly one hundred years ago, M.T. Thomas came out with a Thomas coupling that revolutionized the industry. The invention was called the flexible disc coupling. Today, engineers at Thomas are still working hard to improve disc couplings with high-tech materials and a highly efficient manufacturing process.

What is a Disc Coupling?
When you have the need to connect two power shafts, there can be a problem. You must have something to transmit efficiently torque and allow for shaft misalignment. Also, the connection should be as flexible as possible to help absorb shock. This is the reason for the disc coupling and why the Thomas coupling came into being.

A disc coupling is essentially a method of bolting two shafts together and keeping the connection strong and flexible. Torque is transmitted from the bolts to special discs. This construction provides many important benefits for commercial applications in Texas today.

Disc Coupling Benefits

* There is no need for lubrication

* Inspection is easy as you do not have to disassemble the coupling – using special equipment, a visual inspection can be made while the machine or motor is still in operation.

* Wide range of operating temperatures

* No backlash to be concerned with – remains torsionally rigid

How the Thomas Coupling Benefits Texas Businesses

* Excellent customer support

* High degree of reliability

* Very high quality – made in an ISO 9001 certified environment

* Wide selection of size and styles

* Thomas couplings can be custom created for your Texas company.

Selections and Applications
With so many different choices, you can find a Thomas coupling to fit your needs. For example:
* DBZ-Z – this coupling can be used by agitators, blowers, mixers and fans. It may also be used for conveyor applications, centrifugal pumps and lower torque applications (no more than 43,400-inch pounds)
* Series 52 – may be utilized in compressors, pumps and many types of rotary equipment, including dynamometers. Higher torque capabilities (as much as 3.39 million inch pounds)
* SN-GA – do you have paper or pulp machines in Texas? This Thomas coupling can handle very heavy applications like crushers, mill drives, and pelletizers.
* BMR – made for marine drives, dredge pumps, reciprocating pumps, compressors, and hoists.
* CMR – if you have heavy duty flywheel applications, the CMR Thomas coupling may be the solution. It can handle speeds of 2500 RPM and torque as much as 2.84 million inch pounds.

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