Reduce Supply Chain Risk with Regional Industrial Distributors

by | Dec 16, 2021 | Industrial Goods and Services


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If there is one lesson that was learned these past few years, it is that supply chains are fragile. The news was filled with unexpected delays in many sectors. Even for businesses that were not directly affected, this caused many to reexamine their supply chains and look for a way to strengthen them.

Specialty Industries and Supply Chain Risk

Specialty industries, such as manufacturing, construction, waterworks, and network and telecom are especially vulnerable to supply chain interruptions. This is because there are few choices in suppliers that offer the components they need. Many times, this forces companies to order components from overseas using supply chains that have many moving parts. The more complex the supply chain, the more vulnerable it is to bottlenecks at any point along the system.

Regional Industrial Distributors Reduce Risk

The advantage of using an industrial distributor who is local and also offers regional solutions for specialty products reduces risks. For one, the shipping time is automatically quicker. Also, if something does go wrong, such as an unexpected weather incident, there are often other ways to make sure needed components arrive on time. Shorter shipping distances mean reduced delays, even if they do occur.

Finding a reliable industrial distributor for specialty pipes, fittings, and valves can be challenging. It is especially challenging when these items are needed in volume. Just-in-time management practices depend on the speed of delivery, and that is why finding an experienced regional distributor is such an important step for reducing supply chain risk.

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