Maintaining Residential Air Conditioners Honolulu

When someone uses Residential Air Conditioners Honolulu in their home, maintenance steps should be taken at the end of each summer to ensure they work properly when the next warm season arrives. This will prolong the life of the unit as well as allow it to work more efficiently in cooling the home.

The air filter should be checked before the air conditioner is to be used for the warm season. Check the air conditioner’s service manual to see if the filter is replaceable or reusable. If it is a reusable model, it can be soaked in warm water with a mild detergent to remove any debris that had accumulated inside the ridges. If it is replaceable, a trip to a local hardware or home goods store will need to be taken to purchase a new one. Replacing the filter will help increase the efficiency of the unit, allowing less electricity to be used to cool the interior of the home.

Giving the unit a cleaning is recommended to increase the efficiency. If there are areas in the output vents with caked up grime, the air will not be able to flow freely into the home. This can be removed with a vacuum cleaner attachment. Make sure the air conditioner is unplugged before vacuuming. Use a piece of clean microfiber cloth to remove dirt from between the vents as well. Wipe each vent thoroughly to remove any obstructions. Wipe down all the control knobs with a damp piece of cloth. If the knobs move with difficulty, there may be an obstruction inside. Use a can of compressed air to push any dirt underneath the knobs out of the way.

Check that the air conditioner is seated properly in the window or frame it rests inside. If there are areas with air flowing around the unit, the unit will not work as effectively. Fill these voids with expandable foam.

When someone needs more information about Residential Air Conditioners Honolulu, they can check around for a reputable service in their area. Call a service like Air Source Air Conditioning for more tips on air conditioning maintenance. If a service call is needed, an appointment can be made for them to come to the home to do an evaluation of the unit.


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