How To Get The Best Garage Flooring In Dallas

Taking the time to do your homework by reviewing different options in garage flooring in the Dallas area will give you a good overview of the option. For a commercial or residential garage floor, anywhere in the Metroplex area, using a professional company for floor prep and installation of the flooring will be essential.

Unfortunately, cheap do-it-yourself epoxy floor kits available at most hardware and home supply stores are simply not worth the cost and the effort. The epoxy is very thin, and it is also unlikely the necessary full surface preparation will be done by a homeowner. This results in an epoxy floor which may initially look great, but simply not stand up to wear and tear and vehicle traffic on the surface.

By understanding the steps involved in the professional installation of epoxy garage flooring, it is easy to see why this is the most durable option. New technology and formulas offered by professional installation companies can have a lifetime warranty, making it a great investment in your home.

Floor Preparation

Floor prep will typically include filling in large cracks, dents or chips in the floor. Then, the floor will be sanded to create a surface to which the epoxy can bond securely. This is essential, as is the removal of any other surfacing material that may be present.

Primer and Base Coat

The next step is to apply the primer and base coat. This is a thick, dense material custom mixed to suit your specific flooring needs. It is poured onto the surface to fill in any surface imperfections, then rolled to create a level, even surface.

Finishing Touches

To customize the garage flooring, decorative polymer chips are then broadcast by hand on the surface. This can provide the look of natural stone or used to create a color scheme to match your personal preferences.

Finally, a top coat which is anti-slip and highly protective is applied and allowed to dry. This entire process usually can be completed in less than 2 days, with full drying times up to 7 days depending on temperature and humidity in the Dallas area.


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