The Truth about Pilates

Over the years, health has become a major craze amongst various people from all types of backgrounds and lifestyles. As such, different diet crazes and exercise routines have emerged. Pilates has developed a strong following during this time, and for a good reason. However, there are some common misconceptions that have many people misinformed. If you are interested in pilates in Chicago, IL, read on to learn the truth about pilates.

Less Burning More Toning

Though pilates does help to encourage fat burning, it is not a source of significant calorie burning and weight loss. Instead, pilates targets increasing your flexibility and strengthening your core in a low-impact manner. Such characteristics can help to avoid injury and allow you to work out consistently. However, if you are looking to burn fat, it will be beneficial to couple pilates with other fat burning forms of exercise.

Not Just for Abs

As previously stated, pilates definitely helps to strengthen your core, but that is not its only use. In fact, there are six principles that pilates is based on concentration, precision, control, breath, and flow. When you enact all of these principles, they help to promote full body strengthening, with a focus on alignment of the center of the body.

Special Equipment Not Required

As with other types of exercise, there are different forms of pilates that you can try. Some require equipment, while others just need a simple mat. Depending on your goals and availability, you can select which option is best for you. There are certain locations that offer pilates in Chicago, IL, where you can experience special pilates machines that give you a targeted workout. Feel free to explore your options.

Not Just a “Woman Thing”

Pilates does provide great benefits to women. For instance, it helps to strengthen lower abdominal and pelvic muscles. However, that is not the only benefit of this form of exercise. It is an excellent form of exercise to increase flexibility and function, as well as core strength, which can benefit anyone, men and women alike.

These are just a few of the myths that people have adopted about pilates. Find a local class and try it out for yourself to discover your personal truth.


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