A Law Firm In Vermont Can Help You After An Arrest

A criminal charge can change an individual’s life now and even more in the future if they’re convicted. The best way for an individual to reduce the damage a criminal charge or conviction can have is to contact a law firm in Vermont as quickly as possible. Early intervention by an experienced attorney can mean the difference between sitting in jail or prison, paying extremely high fines, permanently have a criminal record, and going free. A criminal defense attorney should be present at the bond hearing so they can speak with the prosecutor and determine how strong the evidence is against their client.


One too many drinks can easily land a driver in jail and prevent them from legally driving a car. A skilled, aggressive DUI/DWI law firm in Vermont should be contacted as quickly as possible because of the short time limits to request a hearing. Once a Notice of Intention to Suspend an individual’s license is issued, the driver only has seven days to request a hearing before they lose their license.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can involve very serious criminal charges when physical harm, stalking, assault, rape, criminal harassment, or kidnapping happens. This type of charge is more common among married individuals but can happen with parents, roommates, stepparents, or any individuals whose living at the same residence. A criminal conviction can prevent an individual from purchasing a gun and affect their security clearance.

Other Crimes

A criminal defense attorney should have experience in the area an individual has been charged. An attorney who only has experience with family or bankruptcy law will not have the same experience as a criminal lawyer. Understanding the complicated areas of the criminal justice system requires the skill and knowledge an individual will need for the best possible outcome to their case.

Jason J. Sawyer, Attorney & Counselor At Law has years of experience defending individuals who have been charged with a crime. His experience and knowledge working with the prosecutor’s office and investigating the evidence against a client have had positive results for many of his clients. Don’t try to go through a criminal fight alone.


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