The Trane AC Compressor and its Rich History

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If you are experiencing more than your share of commercial AC problems, you might be thinking about installing a new cooling system. However, you might only need to replace the compressor and a Trane AC compressor is one of the best choices you can make. In fact, the company has a rich and interesting history.

It all started in Wisconsin back in 1885, and the Trane tale is a typical rags to riches success story. An immigrant from Norway named James Trane decided to open a plumbing shop. In Wisconsin, the winters can get very cold, snowy and the cold north wind can make it chilly indoors even with the heat on (especially in the 19th Century).

James had an idea for a better heat system and invented the Trane Vapor heating system. Using a special setup, all the heat radiators in a system could be synchronized to deliver about the same level of heat. This was a huge innovation for its time and made for a much more efficient heat system.
Before long, James’ son Reuben graduated with a mechanical engineering degree, and was there to help his father with the business. In fact, James’ daughter Stella entered the business and it was incorporated in 1913, becoming “The Trane Company”. In 1923, Reuben Trane came out with his invention known as the convector radiator.

So what does this have to do with the modern day Trane AC compressor? By the 1930s, Trane was one of the first companies in the AC business. In fact, the Turbovac was used to cool big buildings and it operated with hermetic, centrifugal refrigeration.

The Turbovac is the ancestor of today’s Trane CentraVac systems currently installed in many commercial operations. This system was named “Best of the Best” from the United States EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Trane has also expanded into many fields of commercial cooling and refrigeration today, and is still seen as an innovator in many markets.

Why Buy a Trane AC Compressor?

Today’s Trane scroll compressors see a great deal of use in large buildings and they are available in 20 ton and units all the way up to 130 tons. Trane compressors are recognized by many as the standard for heavy duty commercial HVAC compressors and systems. Your Trane AC compressor comes with an excellent warranty and when you buy Trane, you are becoming a part of the rich history of the company. In addition, many Trane compressors are still operating after a number of years and it is possible to buy a completely remanufactured compressor for a very affordable price.

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