An Auto Accident Lawyer in Culpeper, VA Can Answer Questions About How Long a Settlement Takes

When a person has been seriously injured in a vehicle accident caused by another driver, it’s common for financial problems to develop. Some amount of the medical expenses may be paid by this individual’s health or automotive insurance, but there may be a deductible and co-pay expenses, and without a steady income as the person recovers, bills may start piling up. How long does it usually take for the other driver’s insurer to offer a settlement? How long will it take if the injured person wants to negotiate a higher settlement? An auto accident lawyer in Culpeper, VA can answer these questions and also provide legal representation. This is of substantial benefit in regard to asking for better compensation.

If it is clear that the other driver was at fault and the injured person’s expenses are straightforward, a reasonable settlement may be forthcoming in just a few months. Sometimes, however, the insurer will dispute who was at fault or argue that the injured person was equally responsible. Sometimes the company decides to conduct a more extensive investigation, which adds more weeks to the delay.

Sometimes the insurer decides not to pay for a certain expense claimed by the injured person. Especially when the individual strongly believes there should be some compensation for non-tangible factors, such as reduced quality of life, the insurer is likely to deny those monetary amounts unless an Auto Accident Lawyer in Culpeper, VA gets involved.

Factors in the length of time it takes to receive a settlement may have nothing to do with the injured person or the circumstances of the accident. There may be a delay because the claims department is short-staffed and has a large backlog. Some companies are simply more conservative than others in the amount they offer. Often it takes an injury attorney to persuade them to offer more.

A law firm such as Dulaney, Lauer & Thomas LLP is ready to answer these types of questions during a free initial consultation. The attorneys are familiar with the various insurance companies and know how much an injured person should expect to receive, as well as how long it should take. Visit to learn more.

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