What to Know About Dental Crowns in Salem, OR

Part of achieving optimal dental health is restoring damaged teeth. It also entails saving as much dental structure as possible. To do this, it’s sometimes necessary to use restorative devices like Crowns in Salem OR. These devices are made of various materials. The following information will give more insight into getting one of these devices.

A crown is also known as a cap. It’s a man-made cover that sits on top of a tooth to protect the tooth. This device is often used to preserve damaged teeth that are decayed, broken, cracked, or chipped. A dentist may install a crown to restore the natural shape and size of a damaged tooth. It can also be used to replace a crown that does not fit properly. Large cavities or old fillings may require a crown to complete a tooth’s structure. Also, this device can be used for a bit problem or to correct a cosmetic flaw.

There are three main types of Crowns in Salem OR. A metal crown is comprised of gold and various other metals. This type of crown tends to be the strongest. However, since it’s not white, many patients use it towards the back of their mouths. A tooth-colored crown usually is made of porcelain or resin. The materials in this crown tend to chip more than other types of crowns. However, this crown can be made in a shade that blends in with other teeth. A combination crown is tooth-colored. It’s made by fusing porcelain to the top of the metal. It is stronger than a porcelain or resin crown but more brittle than a metal crown.

Crowns in Salen Or usually take two to three visits to complete. A tooth is first prepared with reduction and shaping. Next, a mold is taken so the crown can be made. A dentist will typically install a temporary crown. After the permanent crown is made, the dentist will ensure that it fits properly over the prepared tooth before cementing it. It’s important to follow all dental care provider instructions on crown maintenance. For more information on Crowns in Salem OR, please talk to an expert at Riverfront Dental.


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